Customer services


Customer services

Our aim is to make the self-build process as simple and streamlined as possible for our clients, we do this by offering a range of services and options.

Breton Exclusive’s Design & Layout Changes
Our designs are all incredibly adaptable and versatile; we aim to tailor every new home to your particular requirements..

If you like a particular house style or layout but need certain items altered or amended we can adapt our plans to suit. For example we have already designed some of the country collection with the less elaborate Island collection detailing. Minor changes are always expected and form part of our normal service. More significant changes may require additional architectural assistance and input and associated fees.

Planning & Building Warrant Drawings
The design drawings capture the style, external appearance, proportions, overall size and floor layout of your new home.

All new homes need to be built to national standards and local authorities are responsible for approving a set of technically detailed drawings prior to the start of construction and for inspecting the building at different stages. The drawing for our collections designs will be supplied by Scotframe.