House Kit Price Guide

House Kit Price Guide

April 2017 – exclusive of V.A.T. & delivery

Download the Breton Exclusive Price Guide pdf – April 2017

The floor areas given in the table below do not include the garage floor area.
Please refer to the thermal specification for each of the price options given below.

Breton Exclusive Floor Area M2 Bronze Silver Silver Gold Platinum
House Name Bedrooms (approx) Open Panel Open Panel Closed Panel Closed Panel Closed Panel
Sanna 2 144 £ 46,330 £ 47,955 £ 50, 610 £ 52,930 £ 58,040
Lovaig 3 124 £ 42,775 £ 43,815 £ 46,480 £ 48,045 £ 52,505
Glen Etive 3 210 £ 61,200 £ 62,900 £ 67,100 £ 70,200 £ 76,750
Garage/Workshop   49          
Balnakeil 3 210 £ 58.780 £ 60,765 £ 62,515 £ 66,645 £ 72,990
Glen Mhor 4 232 £ 54,600 £ 55,900 £ 59,650 £ 61,250 £ 65,900
Glen Affric 4 276 £ 84,650 £ 87,050 £ 92,750 £ 97,050 £ 106,100
Garage/Workshop   76          
Caroy 5 213 £ 66,415 £ 68,080 £ 72,950 £ 75,005 £ 82,055
Glen Connon 5 239 £ 57,700 £ 59,200 £ 62,500 £ 66,700 £ 71,000

Room sizes shown are approximate and may vary depending on the thermal specification chosen.

Open panel systems

Traditional timber frame uses an open panel system for the external walls. The panels are typically made from a softwood timber frame and sheathed in the factory with structural sheet material, such as plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). A reflective water-tight, yet breathable, membrane is factory fitted on the outside panel face and left open on the inside (hence the name).

The insulation which is fitted within the panels is installed on-site once the panels have been erected and the services roughed in following which the plasterboard is site fitted.

Closed panel systems
Val-U-Therm®, our closed panel system has both sides of the external wall panels sheathed in the factory with structural sheet material such as plywood or oriented strand board (OSB). The internal void left is then high pressure injected in the factory with a high performance PU insulation. A reflective water-tight, yet breathable, membrane is factory fitted on the outside panel face. A reflective vapour control layer and service zone battens are factory fitted on the inside face which ensures a very good level of air tightness. Once the services are roughed in within the service zone provided, the plasterboard is site fitted. We also offer the option for doors and windows to be factory fitted.

Architectural features such as Hip End Roofs and Bay Windows where shown on the illustrations or plans featured in our Homes Portfolio Brochure or Website are included in these prices and available on most other house types at an additional cost. Other features not included in these prices have been detailed against each house type shown in our House Style Brochure.

On receipt of an official order and payment of a deposit, architectural drawings for planning and warrant submission purposes will be provided for your Scotframe home. Any changes that may be required to our standard Scotframe house designs will of course be accommodated.

Structural Timber
All structural timbers are stress graded and comply with the relevant British Standards.

Preservation Treatment
All structural and external timbers are pressure impregnated against rot and fungal attack.